Welcome to Yoga Stretch and Flex, I am Rachel Sherring and I teach yoga in Exeter, Devon and online

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We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping our mind and body healthy and active to prevent illness and promote wellbeing.

Yoga is for everyone and is recognised for many health benefits.  The slow movement and use of breath leaves you plenty of time to put in effort without strain and pain.  It is not competitive, with other people or yourself, so you take responsibility for your own body and ‘what it can and can’t do’.  Designed for all levels of health, starting off at a slow pace working within your own comfort level.

Hip and knee problems?  Coping with day to day pain?  Want to get back in shape or maintain physical independence? Want to keep the mind sharp and alert?  Feeling stressed and need to unwind?  Restore better balance in your life?  Yoga may be just right for you!

Clients have found the regular practice of yoga helps increase strength, flexibility, range of movement, stamina, mobility.  The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques give them space to explore and connect on a deeper emotional level.

Customer testimonials

John – ‘I have attended two eight week yoga classes with Rachel & have found that the immediate benefit is that I sleep very well afterwards & feel fully invigorated the following morning. I have found that it has improved my flexibility which was lacking & helps maintain it. The teaching style is relaxed friendly & professional any stress or tension built up during the day just seems to melt away.’

Karen – ‘I am really enjoying the Stretch and Flex yoga classes.  Rachel is clearly very skilled and she runs a friendly, encouraging class. I’m in my third set of eight sessions and am astonished at how much more movement I have now compared to the beginning.  Rachel has given me real confidence that I can become more flexible and increase my resilience to stress.’

Mr C – “I attended a weekly yoga class with Rachel for a couple of years before lockdown and always found it enjoyable and beneficial. Having lost fitness since stopping work I enjoyed rediscovering forgotten muscles as well as finding new ones! And Rachel’s cheerful and upbeat approach was a great start to the week. Having shorter classes on a daily basis during lockdown has been even better. My balance and arm strength have improved noticeably, and regular contact with several other people, even on Zoom has helped keep me sane. I certainly plan to continue with Rachel’s classes and recommend it to everyone regardless of age and state of health.”

Mr & Mrs B – “We have been attending Rachel’s yoga classes for 3 or 4 years now and feel that we have benefitted from them throughout, both physically and mentally. Throughout lockdown we have we have joined her weekday Zoom classes and have found the regular exercise to be equally beneficial, providing us with a focus to the day, together with maintaining and building on the progress we had already made in class.”